Neverland In Ashes. As children, we all dreamed of the things we would do when we grow up. But at some point the beautiful glow of those dreams fades and we look at the ugly truths of the real world. Where the Neverland is in ashes. Welcome to reality.

Neverland In Ashes is a four-men modern metal band from Cologne and was founded in September 2007 by Christian Sticher and Milan Steinbach. The musical style moves between aggressive shouts and emotional singing. Speed and hardness alternate with catchy melodies and groove. All while prioritizing the feelings of a song.

Based on the idea of combining the styles of music that are close to their hearts, Neverland In Ashes recount in their texts stories of interpersonal encounters and the human psyche.

In 2010 Julian Jung switched from the drums to the guitar. Due to the departure of singer Christian Sticher in July 2012, a longer live break took place from February 2013 to February 2014 in which the band was able to re-establish itself. From now on, NEVERLAND IN ASHES consists of singer and guitarist Julian Jung, guitarist Milan Steinbach, bassist Tobias Welschenbach and drummer Mario Althapp. At the crucial point where other bands have disbanded, NEVERLAND IN ASHES carried on to become what they are today.


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